One Health Research Center (OHRC)

A single collaborative center to join the forces of diverse organizations, laboratories, and departments in service of realizing One Health research goals and dreams.


   This center is a platform where diverse experts gather beyond institutional, laboratory and sectional boundaries, collaborate with One Health as the common goal and proceed with education and research. In addition to faculty members, diverse experts from international administrative/cooperative organizations, universities and research institutes in Japan and elsewhere, and private companies gather beyond institutional and laboratory boundaries and establish units to achieve clear missions, including the International Collaborative Unit, the Zoobiquity Promotion Unit and the Development Research Promotion Unit, to predict the risk of infection, detect potential chemical contamination, advance medical and veterinary medical care, and implement research projects. Students in this program can participate in projects, demonstrating the group skills, explanation capability and ability to collaborate that they have developed in the One Health Module, and receive practical education, including assistance for activities at international organizations and needs assessment.


   In addition, this center systematically promotes projects to create databases and sample banks from a long-term perspective, including the Infectome Project (creation of a database and a biological sample bank by exhaustively collecting the genetic information of pathogens held by animals and arthropod vectors), the Chem-reactome Project (creation of a database and a biological sample bank of species differences in response to chemical substances), and the Onco-biquity Project (creation of an integrated database and a biological sample bank of neoplastic diseases pathognomonic for animal species). An integrated bank comprised of databases and sample banks created in these projects will be the basic information/resources that are expected to be used for the creation of social values necessary to realize One Health.