This is an educational program supported by extensive university disciplines, including veterinary medicine, infectious disease medicine, medicine, dentistry, pharmacology, health science and environmental science, as well as collaborative international administrative/cooperative organizations, partner universities and private companies.



Characteristics of this program

Leading an international advanced research team

   Its aim is to serve as an advanced global research center that is engaged in basic research as well as global practical activities related to problems arising from the two major hazards of infectious agents (biohazard) and chemical substances (chemical hazard), such as zoonoses and health and socioeconomic damage due to chemical substances.



Assembling a diversity of human resources

   The program globally promotes interdisciplinary and practical education and research related to One Health. As an institute that plays a part in this effort, the Center for Diagnosis and Disease Control will be established. The center is intended to be a platform where diverse experts gather beyond institutional, laboratory and sectional boundaries and proceed with education and research with One Health as the common goal.


Bestowing exceptional strengths

   Characteristic initiatives of One Health are made available to graduate students in both humanities and sciences at Hokkaido University and partner universities as the One Health Ally Course, an inter-graduate school and interuniversity special educational program. Students can study a minor in addition to a major through the Hokkaido University Major Minor System, which is intended to provide extra learning for graduate students and increase their value.