The One Health Ally Course is a cross-disciplinary, inter-university special education program offered to graduate students at Hokkaido University and graduate students from affiliated universities. It aims to provide the essence of One Health to students in both humanities and sciences.
Students affiliated with Hokkaido University's graduate schools (excluding the Graduate School of Veterinary Medicine and the Graduate School of Infectious Diseases) can choose either the "Full Course" and the "Short Course".  A course completion certificate will be awarded to participants who meet the graduation requirements.

Full course

Module1  One Health Seminarmandatory

Module2 SaSSOHmandatory】+1courseelective mandatory

Module3 1courseelective mandatory

Module4 1courseelective mandatory

Short course

Module1  One Health Seminarmandatory

Module2 1courseelective mandatory

Module3 or Module4 1courseelective mandatory