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The One Health Graduate Program

While some infectious diseases have become controllable through the development of preventive and therapeutic drugs and the promotion of epidemic prevention measures, emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases continue to appear one after another, posing a threat to humanity. Furthermore, health damage to humans and animals caused by chemical substances and the destruction of ecosystems constantly occur as long as humans enjoy the convenience of life. These occurrences have no borders, and we who live in modern times have a mission to protect the healthy living environments of humans and animals from hazards (infectious disease pathogens and chemical substances), and to pass on sustainable and healthy living environments and ecosystems to future generations.

The "One Health Frontier Graduate Program" promoted by the Graduate School of Veterinary Medicine and the Graduate School of Infectious Diseases at Hokkaido University focuses on the concept of disease control and prevention, possesses a keen sense of balance in internationality, and aims to cultivate professionals (professionals with knowledge and skills) who can design and implement solutions for One Health-related issues by comprehensively considering the health of animals, humans, and ecosystems.



In this program, we leverage the advantages of a university, where veterinary medicine, infectious diseases, medical, dental, and pharmaceutical sciences, health sciences, and environmental sciences collaborate. We also establish an educational program that includes collaboration with international administrations, cooperative organizations, other affiliated universities, and private companies. The program aims to become a global advanced research base that comprehensively conducts basic research to global practical activities on issues arising from two major hazards: infectious disease pathogens (biohazards) and chemical substances (chemical hazards), which cause zoonotic and animal infectious diseases, as well as health and socio-economic damage caused by chemical substances.



Program Features

 One Health Frontier Program

This program consists of four modules: Screening Module and Research Module for graduate students aiming to acquire a degree, Independence Module to develop a sense of responsibility, planning and operational skills, and the ability to promote interdisciplinary research, and One Health Module aimed at fostering understanding of One Health, a balanced international sense, and collaboration skills.

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One Health Ally Course: A special education program that empowers students with additional skills through inter-faculty and inter-university.

As a feature of this program, the One Health Module will be offered as the "One Health Ally Course" to graduate students from all graduate schools at Hokkaido University and affiliated universities, regardless of their academic background. Students can choose from the Full Course or Short Course. By taking this course as a minor in addition to their major, graduate students can enhance their value and acquire the additional skills which are the " Hokkaido University’s version of the Major-Minor System".

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Towards a globally advanced research and education center gathering diverse talents

The One Health Research Center (OHRC) is a platform for practical education and research where diverse talents from international administrations, cooperative organizations, domestic and foreign universities, research institutions, and private companies gather to collaborate on One Health as a common goal, transcending the boundaries of organizations, laboratories, and departments. As an organization that plays a pivotal role in this program, OHRC, together with the Graduate School of Veterinary Medicine and Infectious Diseases at Hokkaido University, promotes interdisciplinary and practical education and research related to One Health on a global scale.

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