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WISE Program for One Health Frontier Graduate School of Excellence

There are many cross-border issues threatening a healthy living environment in modern society, such as the emergence of new infectious diseases, health effects on humans and animals from chemicals, and destruction of ecosystems.

To solve these issues and pass on a healthy living environment to the next generation, it is necessary to train professionals who can practice the "One Health" approach.

The WISE Program for One Health Frontier Graduate School of Excellence ( WISE program) promotes interdisciplinary and practical education and research related to One Health on a global scale. It aims to cultivate professionals with knowledge and skills to lead One Health, with a clear philosophy of disease control and prevention, excellent internationality, and the ability to comprehensively understand the health of humans, animals, and ecosystems.

The concept and purpose of One Health

  • One Health considers the health of humans, animals, and the environment as interconnected.
  • It aims to sustain the balance of health among humans, animals, and ecosystems.
  • It aims to connect a healthy living environment to the next generation.

The practice of the One Health approach requires interdisciplinary and cross-sectoral collaboration involving various academic fields and institutions.

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WISE program for One Health Frontier

This is a doctoral degree program (4 years). Among the successful applicants for the entrance examination of the Graduate School of Veterinary Medicine and the Infectious Diseases at Hokkaido University, doctoral students who have passed the entrance examination for the graduate school and also passed the program selection examination are eligible. The program consists of four modules and includes a graduate school curriculum aimed at obtaining a degree and a specialist training program leading One Health.

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One Health Ally Course

We offer the "One Health Module," a distinctive feature of One Health education in this degree program, as the "One Health Ally Course" for graduate students within Hokkaido University regardless of their field of study, as well as for graduate students from affiliated universities. Students can choose between the Full Course and Short Course, and completing this course will provide graduates with additional skills in addition to their major.

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