On Friday, July 14th, we invited Ms. Yuki MINATO, who is currently working as a Technical Officer

in the Department of Nutrition and Food Safety at the World Health Organization (WHO),


This time Ms. SUWANTHADA Pondpan (D3, Division of Bioresources) took charge of the planning

and served as the chair.


During the event, we had the opportunity to delve into the following topics

under the title "Possible roles and opportunities - to work at WHO headquarters and around -":

1. Health work at WHO headquarters, from Health Assembly to actions.

2. A role of WHO experts.

3. A role of WHO Secretariat.

4. Required competencies.


Given that Ms. MINATO is originally from Sapporo, the atmosphere at the venue remained pleasant

throughout the lecture. During the Q&A session, Ms. MINATO kindly answered numerous questions,

ranging from inquiries about the lecture content to casual questions about daily life, providing valuable advice.


Thank you very much for Minato-sensei and Suwanthada-san!