About "Molecular Physiological Research"


 Profile #35: Dr. YAMAGUCHI Soichiro, Associate Professor

 Laboratory of Physiology,

 Department of Basic Veterinary Sciences, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine


 【Research Topics】

 ・Ion channel





  ~How interesting the molecular physiological research is~ 


 Physiology is the study of the mechanisms that maintain life. Molecular physiology reveals these mechanisms on a molecular level. My topics cover the entire area of physiology, but I am particularly interested in clarifying the functions of ion channels and transporters at the amino acid level. Ion channels and transporters play important roles in cellular physiology, for example, by transporting materials in the cell and by generating electrical signals. When I clarify the function of proteins, I observe how elaborate the function of each protein is. Moreover, when I expand my thinking about the fact that the functions of cells are carried out by the functions of many proteins and that we are alive because of the functions of numerous cells, I realize that the functions of mere proteins are connected to life. I feel the wonder of life.

 When it comes to the function of proteins, the differences between animal species become small. By clarifying the function of proteins, we may develop the therapeutics protecting the health of animals and humans. Therefore, I aim to contribute to One Health by clarifying the function of proteins.








 A Ca2+-binding site of a channel,

 which was identified by a molecular physiological approach







 A result of a current measurement of a H+ channel,

 which is my current research target