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[Sep. 23] 25th Overseas Activity Report


We had 25th Overseas Activity Report on September 23rd. 

Unfortunately, they had to abandon the overseas internship due to the influence of COVID-19 this time, but the great news is that one student took advantage of an opportunity to work as a postdoctoral researcher even in such a situation. Other students also got a lot of benefit from this internship to develop their future career.


1. Jussiaea Valente BARIUAN: OIE Tokyo

2. Yuri SHIRANE: Specified Nonprofit Corporation Envision Conservation Office, Hokkaido

3. Ming-Liang LEE: Exploratory Research Center on Life and Living Systems, National Institute for Physiological Sciences, Aichi

4. Takeshi NII: Bihoro Museum, Hokkaido

5. Taisuke KITANO: RIKEN Center for Brain Science, Saitama

6. Yukiko NAKAMURA: The University of Zambia

7. Ganbaatar OTGONTUYA: Animal Research Center, Agriculture Research Department, Hokkaido Research Organization