On August 11th, Global Leaders Workshop took place online.


The workshop is designed for students to improve their collaboration and communication skills by joining group work and discussions on hot global issue(s).


For this time, thirty-six students from Hokkaido University, Obihiro University, and overseas locations attended the workshop. Those students played their simulated roles in groups; mink farmers, local physicians, epidemiological experts, residents and communities, and animal welfare/ environment conservation agent to discuss if “It was Right to Kill All of Denmark's 17 Million Farmed Mink” .

Opinion varies depending on their simulated roles; most of the groups agreed with Danish government policy though the animal welfare/ environment conservation agent posted alert that the government should have considered more possible options to deal with innocent animal lives.


We are very proud of all the participants actively having contributed to group work and discussions! Their experience here would defiantly help them for their future when they work with people from different sectors! Great work, everyone!