Student Monthly Progress #2


We had a second Student Monthly Progress on Friday, April 28th.


This time, 3 students gave presentations on their research.



1. KATO Kazuhiro:Laboratory of Radiation Biology

<Redox imaging of tumors with a novel compact and portable EPRI device and the potential for multimodal imaging>


2. ARIIZUMI Takuma:Division of Molecular Pathobiology

<Pathological analyses of Yezo virus infection in a mouse model>


3. KOMBOYI Harvey Kakoma:Division of Infection and Immunity

<Novel proteogenomic analysis of Bacillus cereus type Ⅶ secretion system-dependent effector proteins and their role in virulence>



TANIDA Takashi:Laboratory of Theriogenology

TOYTING Jirachaya:Division of Bioresources


❖Chairperson's Report❖

The 2nd Student Monthly Progress was held on Friday, April 28th with three presenters (Mr. Kato, Mr. Ariizumi and Mr. Komboyi). They introduced about information in their research fields for us and shared their results of studies with us. Mr. Kato talked about the novel developed device for redox imaging. Mr. Ariizumi shared us the pathological findings of Yezo virus infection in a mouse model. Mr. Komboyi showed us the information about the proteogenomic analysis of the proteins which involved in the virulence of Bacillus cereus. In the Q&A session, we discussed their results of experiments and future research plan with the audience.

It was a great opportunity to hear information and progress of research in various fields.





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