We had a Student Monthly Progress on Friday, March 24th.


Progress is one of the Independence Modules (student-led program) of the WISE Program that is held once a month as an opportunity of research discussion to cultivate a sense of planning and operating abilities and to promote cross-disciplinary research.


This time, 4 students who are members of the Student Association Committee gave presentations on their own research. 



1. TOYTING Jirachaya:Division of Bioresources

<Prevalence of plasmid-mediated quinolone resistance genes in Salmonella spp. from canals of Thailand>


2. ERDENEBAT Temuulen:Laboratory of Veterinary Hygiene

<Brain - region specific mechanism of prion propagation and neuronal death>


3. TANIDA Takashi:Laboratory of Theriogenology

<The gene expression of osteopontin receptors in the vagina at the time of insemination>


4. INTARUCK Kittiya:Division of Molecular Pathobiology

<Virological and serological characterization of a new Nelson Bay Orthoreovirus isolated from wild fruit bats in Indonesia>



ARIIZUMI Takuma:Division of Molecular Pathobiology

KOBAYASHI Hiroko:Division of Molecular Pathobiology











 Graduate Student Association Steering Committee

 Big thanks to Tanida-san, Jirachaya-san, Kittiya-san, Temka-san!!