We had a 37th Overseas Activity Report on August 10th.


This time, in addition to the reports on the internship activities of graduate students, students who have taken the Ally course SFDA and Module 4 in Mongolia and Thailand, also shared their activities and experiences.


1. SUWANTHADA Pondpan:WOAH Tokyo (Tokyo)
2. TOYTING Jirachaya:Technical University of Denmark (Denmark)
Ally Course
3. TOYTING Jirachaya (United States)
4. KOBAYASHI Daiki (Viet Nam)
5. KUMAR Ratnesh, JANG Eomseob, MAEDA Aiko, ERDENEBAT Tmuulen, SATO Keisuke (Mongolia)
6. MAURYA Alok Kumar, MA Zhuowei, SOE NYEIN CHAN, FATHI Atefeh, ARAYASKUL Nada (Thailand)




                        Can't see their faces because of the backlighting,

                        but Obihiro students joined online to share their experiences in Thailand!!