The 35th Overseas Activity Report was held on December 9th.


Presentations were given by seven internship reports at home and abroad, as well as by students who had completed

the Ally Course Student Free Design Activities, Module 4 in Thailand, and Module 4 in Australia.


1. LOKUPATHIRAGE Sithumini Madubashini Wimalasiri:The Pirbright Institute (United Kingdom)

2. TAKEUCHI Hiroto:Uppsala University (Sweden)

3. MWALE Carol:Livestock Services Co-operative Society (Zambia)

4. NAMBA Takashi:Colorado State University (United States)

5. KAWANO Kohei:Colorado State University (United States)

6. RETENG Patrick:The Westmead Institute for Medical Research (Australia)

7. CHEN Yuqi:RIKEN Center for Biosystems Dynamics Research (Kanagawa)


Ally Course

8. LOKUPATHIRAGE Sithumini Madubashini Wimalasiri (United States)

9. THAMMAHAKIN Passawat, NARONGPUN Pawarut, LI Hang (Thailand)

10. HUYNH Loc Tan, RETENG Patrick (Australia)