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  • 11月21日 (火) 第11回 WISE/LPセミナー開催のお知らせ

11月21日 (火) 第11回 WISE/LPセミナー開催のお知らせ


第11回 WISE/LP Seminarを開催しますので、ご案内致します。                                                                                       

Please to inform that the 11th WISE/LP Seminar will be held as follows.


【Date and time】 Nov. 21 (Tue), 16:30-17:30

【Title】 Global strategies for rabies eradication through Mission Rabies 

    Brief contents
   1. He will talk about What is Mission Rabies, their activities / achievements of Mission Rabies to control rabies in Africa and Asia.
   2. How he communicate / build good relationships with other international organizations and countries.
   3. Important things / difficulties to work in other countries


【Speaker】 Dr. Frederic Lohr, Director of strategic Partnerships, Mission Rabies

【Venue】Lecture Hall, Lecture Building, SVM

【Organizer/Chair】Ms. INTARUCK Kittiya (D3), Division of Molecular Pathobiology


【Breif introduction of Dr. Lohr】

  Dr. Frederic Lohr graduated from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of Munich, Germany.

  During his studies, he developed an interest in Veterinary Public Health and disease control. Whilst being

  President of the International Veterinary Students Association he established collaborations with international

  organizations like the OIE and conducted part of his rotations at FAO headquarters in Rome.


  Now, he is the Director of Strategic Partnerships of Mission Rabies which is a charity organization working

  to achieve the eradication of rabies, especially in Africa and Asia.


   Overseeing the general management and operations of the charity, as well as the program development,

   he is also focusing on establishing and maintaining key partnerships for Mission Rabies with international

   organizations and partners.




Pre-registering is not required, please bring your ID card with you.



We are looking forward to seeing many of you there!