March 8th, 22nd One Health Debate


The annual One Health Debate will feature 4 teams of PhD students who will debate 4 topics.

This event is hybrid: You can attend in-person in Lecture Room 2 at School of Veterinary Medicine or online on Webex (scan the below poster).

We look forward to seeing many of you there!


Venue: Lecture Room 2 at School of Veterinary Medicie



March 8th

Debate 1. 4:00-5:00. The number of experimental animals must be reduced to a fraction of current levels within the next decade.
Debate 2. 5:00-6:00. Government subsidies should prioritize research with direct application for society rather than basic research.

March 22nd
Debate 3. 4:00-5:00. The number of BSL 3 and 4 facilities must be increased across many countries to speed up scientific progress.
Debate 4. 5:00-6:30. Gene editing should be allowed in humans for certain purposes.